Human Machine Interface

A human-machine interface includes a panel formed of energy transmissive material having a contact surface on which one or more contacts may simultaneously be made. An energy source directs energy to the panel. The panel transmits energy received from the energy source to the contact surface. At least one parameter of the energy transmitted by the panel is altered at regions where contacts are made with the contact surface. A detector is coupled to the panel and detects the at least one parameter of the energy generally over the area of the contact surface and outputs values corresponding thereto. A processor is in communication with the detector. The processor processes the output values to determine the locations of the contact regions on the contact surface and at least one other attributed associated with each of the contacts.

人机界面; 人机介面; 人机接口; 人机交互; 人机交互界面一种人机界面包括由能量传输材料构成的面板,该面板具有可同时在其上形成一个或多个触点的接触表面。能源将能量引导到面板上。该面板将从所述能源接收到的能量传输到所述接触表面。通过面板传输的能量的至少一个参数在与接触表面接触的区域被改变。检测器连接到面板上,检测通常位于接触表面区域上的能量的至少一个参数,并输出相应的值。处理器与检测器通信。处理器处理输出值以确定触点表面上的接触区域的位置和与每个联系人相关联的至少一个其他属性。

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